Úlfheimr Video Explained

The (his)tory and message behind the promotional video for the launch of the Úlfheimr book series.

For those of you a little cognitively-challenged (who wouldn’t be spending time online?), here’s the explanation of the Úlfheimr video, and what it really means.

Yup. It is terribly politically incorrect.

Opening scene shows frozen landscape, meant to represent the last ice age. At some point, the Áskunnr war banner appears in the left corner, as a reference to how far back Blendingar (hybrids) go.

Next scene is two guys climbing a mountain, which symbolizes crossing on the ice bridge before the end of last ice age to settle… You guessed it, the Americas: Helluland, Markland, Vinland, and all the way to Nýnorðrlönd (New Scandinavia, aka British Columbia). And Skógaland (New Zealand) too incidentally, but this was done by boat.

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